Diving at the Blue Lagoon

Milton Keynes Sub-Aqua Club dive regularly at the Blue Lagoon in Bletchley. The Blue Lagoon has a maximum depth of 18 metres. Over the years, the club have ‘planted’ many items for divers to explore including two cars (a Capri and a Metro), a bus and a small aircraft. Six sunken boats and a pair of concrete pipes to swim through complete the underwater attractions. A selection of pictures may be found on this page.

MKSAC welcomes other clubs to dive at the Blue Lagoon subject to certain conditions (the club is run by volunteers). Please contact the Diving Officer in advance on 07870-455981 or diving@mksac.co.uk .

Ships anchor at 6m Preparing to dive

‘The Bluey’ is home to many species of fish. Pike, Perch and Roach are often seen along with Crayfish. Occasionally Tench and Carp are also found. Visibility can be good although the soft, silty bottom means that late divers can end up with their low-viz qualification signed off!

Leaving the surface Wayfarer sailing dinghy