The Blue Lagoon quiz

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  1. What is the registration number of the Capri?
    HNV 763 T
  2. What are the white ‘things’ growing on the bus?
    Freshwater Sponges
  3. What is the exact depth of the yellow starfish on the boat? (1/2 marks for knowing which boat)
    12.5 metres (1/2 mark for the steel life boat)
  4. What fish is this?
  5. In case of emergency, where is the nearest public telephone box to the Blue Lagoon?
    There isn’t a nearby public telephone. Bring a mobile!
  6. How many hand holds are there on the roof of the broken boat near the bus?
    Ten, two handrails with five hand holds each.
  7. What is the registration number of the plane?
  8. Whereabouts are the concrete rings (NOT the pipes you swim through!)?
    Just south of the entry point in around one to two metres.
  9. How many spokes are there on the steering wheel of the speedboat?
  10. By what time do we have to be out of the water on Sundays?
  11. What fish is this?
  12. Which two creatures (both with a shell) indicate how pure the water in the Blue Lagoon is? (One mark for each answer)
    Snail and Mussell
  13. Using BSAC tables, what is the longest no stop dive that can be performed to the bottom of the Bluey?
    37 minutes (Just over 18m depth of water. Points deducted for using Nitrox, rebreathers or mixed gas to get longer!)
  14. Which wreck has a limerick written on the side? (Bonus point for the Christian name of the subject of the limerick)
    The deep boat in the centre, Frank
  15. What height is the Blue Lagoon above sea level?
    76 metres or 250 ft