Visiting divers at the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a nature reserve and also private property. MKSAC hold the licence for all diving activities in the lake, which comes with many restrictions on dates, times, access, maximum number of divers/vehicles, etc. We take a very dim view of any unauthorised diving, simply because it would jeopardise our own access in future.

We’re more than happy for for visiting clubs and individual divers to join us — but you need to contact us at least 48 hours in advance at .

For insurance reasons, all divers must have third-party liability cover.

Ideally, you will be in a group of four or more; one surface co-ordinator, one standby/safety diver, plus the divers in the water. Unless you are really slow getting your kit together(!), there will be enough time to swap roles so that everybody gets a dive.

If there are fewer than four in your group, then you can generally share our surface co-ordinater and standby/safety diver. However, try to give us at least a week’s notice of this. We’ll do our best to help, but if we’re busy training on that date, it might not always be possible.

If you are a group of just one, then we can probably find you a buddy. The more notice you give, the easier this becomes.

Each visiting diver will need a day-membership of MKSAC. This costs £5.

Access to the site is via a locked gate, which is unlocked briefly to let vehicles enter. Please arrive on time, 10:30 on Sunday and 18:30 on Wednesday.

We bring an emergency oxygen set to the site, but there are absolutely no other facilities (it’s a nature reserve!). Please take all your litter home with you.

To summarise, we’re happy to receive visitors - especially ones who give us plenty of notice! But if you haven't contacted us in advance, then our dive managers are instructed to turn you away.

Sat-nav users should follow directions to MK2 3BB.